Sitex Mds-12 25"" 4kw Dome Wifi Radar Dome

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Si-tex MDS12 WiFi 24"" 4kW Radar Radome

Model: MDS-12 WIFI

WI-FI integration with the advanced NavPro Series makes it easy to install and rig this 4kW, 24-inch compact radome radar on just about any vessel. By mounting and wirelessly syncing the SI-TEX MDS-12 Network Radome to a NavPro unit, boaters can turn these popular and affordable MFDs into powerful 36-nm range radars that deliver excellent target resolution and a range of features boaters expect from professional-grade SI-TEX radars

Type 55cm Hybrid array
Maximum range 36 miles
Diameter 24 inch
Rotationspeed 24rpm
Wind load Relative wind 100 knots
Beam width Horizontal4°
Verticle 25°
Frequency 9410 +/- 30MHz(XC-band)
Peak power output 4kW nominal
Noise figre 10dB nominal
Supply voltage 10.5vDC - 40vDC 60 watts, 30 watts in economy mode
Cable length 15 meters

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