Navpod Pp5058 Powerpod Pre-cut For Lowrance Hds12

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NavPod PP5058 PowerPod Pre-Cut for Lowrance HDS-12 MFD Gen2 Touch

PP5050 Series, PowerPods for Power are a better option than bracket mounting. PowerPods provide a clean look for flush mounting with the advantage of a swivel base.

The trunion bracket that is supplied with most electronics is not optimal. PowerPods have the advantage of protecting the back of the electronics from harsh saltwater spray. Most manufacturers do an excellent job of protecting the face of the display from water intrusion with sealed rubber push buttons. The back is generally not waterproof. They are expecting you to flush mount it into the console or a NavPod. The PowerPod also protects the plastic connectors and wires from deterioration caused by long term exposure to UV.

PowerPods for Sail are for mounting on a flat surface. Perhaps under the dodger or aft end of the cockpit table especially on boats with dual wheels.

  H W D
Overall Size 13.25" 15.125" 10.875"
Usable Face 8.75" 12.75" 6.125"
Max Cutout 8.375" 12.375"  

All PowerPods include:

  • ?Acrylic capped ABS plastic
  • Chromed Stainless Steel tamper-proof fasteners
  • Double seal for watertight integrity
  • Swivel Base with large pass-through for wire harness
  • Models are available Pre-Cut for popular electronics

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