Maretron Usb100-01 N2k To Usb Gateway

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Maretron's USB100 is a gateway for bridging USB equipment using NMEA 0183 sentences - such as an on-board computer running navigational software - with an NMEA 2000&reg network.

The gateway automatically converts incoming NMEA 2000&reg messages to NMEA 0183 sentences so you can continue benefiting from navigational and charting software that you already own while enjoying the many benefits of networked NMEA 2000&reg instruments.

The USB100 translates a multitude of NMEA 2000&reg messages to NMEA 0183 sentences including GPS data, Speed Over Ground (SOG), Course Over Ground (COG), vessel heading, rudder angle, depth, speed, distance log, weather, wind and more.

Maretron's USB100 is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards (IEC 60945 Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment). Its compact waterproof housing will provide years of reliable performance.

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