Lumitec Triton 160w White 12v Semi-recess Mount

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Lumitec's new Triton family of flood lights solidly demonstrates that a well designed LED luminaire can easily replace a high output HID. With up to a staggering 20,500 raw lumens and an output exceeding that of 1,000 Watt halogens, this light will illuminate an area larger than 37,000 square feet. No more restrike or warm-up issues of HID. Forget about power hungry, blisteringly dangerous Halogens. Designed to withstand harsh environments, the Triton series of flood lights boast Lumitec's exclusive radially asymmetrical wide flood beam pattern. Available with a NPT pivoting 'knuckle' mount, surface mount, or semi-recessed mount..

Voltage:  12VDC.
12vDC Amps: 13.2A ,br> Correlated Color Temperature: 5000.
Color Rendering Index: 75

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