Kvh Directv Ethernet Coax Deca Deca Switch

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DIRECTV Broadband DECA Ethernet Over Coax Adapter

Model: 19-1040
  • Brings internet to a receiver through your existing coax to give you enhanced features and services, and saves you from running wires to all receivers
  • The DECA network is a shared 200Mb/s, or the same speed as full duplex 100Mb/s Ethernet
  • This unit will connect to your router via an Ethernet cable, and then into an open port on one of your sws splitters to get the internet into the coaxial cable for the entire system.
  • Allows for an internet connected to be distributed through your existing coax cable
  • Use this device in place of a Cinema Connection Kit (CCK-W) or older broadband DECA
  • Requires SWM system

This adapter is used to bring an internet connection to SWM enabled DIRECTV receivers on a network. You won’t have to run Ethernet cable throughout your home or business thanks to this small system add-on.

Enjoy YouTube, Pandora, PC Media Sharing and more when you bring internet to your DIRECTV receiver using this handy adapter.

What's in the Box:
  • DECA Adapter
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable

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