Hosecoil Horizontal Mount Enclosure With 5' Feeder Hose

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HoseCoil Horizontal Mount Enclosure with 25' Hose

Model: HC25H2
  • A solid blue 25’ HP HoseCoil which can be plumbed directly into your existing pressurized water system or raw water washdown pump.
  • A blue 5’ HP feeder hose for connecting to an external water spigot.
  • A HoseCoil nozzle with adjustable spray pattern.

The perfect solution to installing a washdown hose for your boat, RV, home, or spa. Compact and easy to use. The Horizontal Mount Enclosure is a unique mounting solution for a variety of hose uses.

The Horizontal Mount Enclosure is constructed of durable, high density ABS with a glossy UV protective coating.

Dimensions 20.5""w x 9.5""h x 5""d

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