Airmar B265c-lm Bronze Th Low Medium Chirp Mix-n-match Transducer

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Airmar B265C-LH Bronze TH

Low Medium CHIRP

Model: 41-482-2-01
  • Ultrasonic Speed & Temperature in one housing with no moving parts
  • Advanced filtering and sampling rates for increased accuracy at all speeds Data update rate up to 10 x per second
  • Speed Range (0.1 to 50 knots)
  • Adapts automatically to increases in speed so accuracy remains constant
  • Retractable insert in a housing with a water valve
  • Depth & fast-response water-temperature sensor
  • Bronze transducer housing with High-Performance Fairing
  • Boat Size: 8 m (25’) and above
  • Hull Type: Fiberglass, wood, or metal
  • Engine Type: Inboard, Outboard or I/O
  • For use on hulls up to 20° deadrise

The B265LM Chirp-ready transducer is the perfect mid-range to deep performing transducer in the Airmar line. Covering a huge bandwidth, the frequency performance on many species delivers crisp, clear target separation. This 1 kW powerhouse transducer delivers extreme target detail, bottom discrimination, and bait and game fish separation at all depths. The included High-Performance Fairing will give you broadband performance at speeds over 30 knots (34 MPH). We will leave it up to you to discover the rest of the secrets that can be unlocked with tunable, Chirp Broadband Transducer Technology.

LM Model - Low Frequency 42-65 kHz/Medium Frequency 85-135 kHz

Hull Deadrise Up to 20° with fairing
Acoutis Window Urethane
Weight 7.3 kg (16 lb)
Low 42 kHz to 65 kHz 25° to 16° beamwidth Maximum depth 3000 ft
Medium 85 kHz to 135 kHz 16° to 11° beamwidth Maximum depth 1500 ft
73 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer

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